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"Who Else Wants To Win the HGTV Dream Home?"

If you have ever dreamed of living in a luxury home in one of the most beautiful settings in the United States, you are going to want to check out the HGTV Dream Home Giveaway in 2014. This year HGTV chose the picturesque scenery of Lake Tahoe California as the spot to build this wonderful dream home.

The home will be located in Schaffer's Mill, which is an upscale community with access to world class golfing and majestic scenery that is unparalleled. In case the winner feels like going out for a boat ride on the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe, they will also have access to a 48-foot luxury boat to enjoy the cool water.

About The Home

The design of this years dream home was planned by Jack Thomasson. It will incorporate a mixture of the classic mountain architecture that you would expect in a home in the area, but with added touches to make the home soft, warm and inviting for those lucky enough to be able to enter it.

The architectural style that you can expect to see

In addition to ensuring that the home aesthetics are built with the highest quality, every effort is being made by the construction crew to ensure that this dream home is as safe as it can be. Environmental hazards such as forest fires and earthquakes all went into consideration before construction of this majestic home so that it stands up to the test of both time and the elements.

The materials used in construction of the home are the strongest available as well. This is not just any ordinary home, but a home that has been built to last for many years in an environment that can sometimes be harsh and unforgiving.

The home for 2014 features 3,200 square feet of living space with breathtaking views of the Carson mountain range, which separates Nevada and California. For any movie watchers interested, the upstairs section of this dream home will include a home theater which doubles as a large family room.

The Location

Located in the stunning Martis Valley nestled in between Lake Tahoe and the quaint community of Truckee CA, Schaffer's Mill is a family community offering some of the richest amenities in the area for its residents. World class golfing, wonderful lake views and a grand clubhouse offer guests tranquility and scenery that is unmatched in most parts of Northern California and Northern Nevada.

Whether the winners enjoy activities such as golf, yachting or just enjoying the finer things in life, there is no shortage of wonderful things to do and see in Schaffer's Mill. No matter what time of year is your favorite, any resident has a plethora of enjoyable things to do in this scenic area. In this video you can see all those features in detail:

If you have always dreamed of living in a luxury home with scenic views that are straight out of a movie, this HGTV dream home is something you will want to explore further. For one lucky person, the reality of living in a 3,200 square foot new mountain home can be a reality that will make all of your friends envious!

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