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Decorating Ideas for Halloween

Decorating for Halloween is not as spooky as it seems. Although it only comes once a year, it is one of the most celebrated holidays of all time. With so many people who go all out in transforming their home into a haunted house, you might feel pressured to do the same. There are many decorating ideas for giving your home both a delightful and frightful home makeover, and here are some of the easiest, not to mention cheapest.

Creepy Graveyard

For one, turning the front yard into a graveyard is always a plus. It grabs guests and trick-or-treaters from the get-go. Simply find plastic foam boards and a permanent marker and you are ready to design your very own resting place. Cutting the foam boards into house shapes is a classic tombstone design, but you may also want to change it up and go for more oblong square shapes, as variety suggests more personality. Other great decorating ideas for a front yard graveyard are spooky lanterns. Using old paint cans, or any cans for that matter, simply paint pumpkin, witch or goblin faces on them, then create holes through which a small candle will flicker. You can hang them from the tombstones or stakes on your property, lighting up a pathway to the front door.

Spooky Front Door

A great idea for transforming something as simple as your front door into a frightful entry way; fashion white cotton fabric over the glass with an eerie silhouette. In addition, hanging cobwebs or a black pine wreath with fake leaves, spiders and more cobwebs on the door will certainly make your guests wary. You can also create fake bats to hang from the overhead. All you need are some black children's socks and pipe cleaners. Fill the socks and simply glue the pipe cleaners to the back to allow for easy manageability and optimal flexibility. You may also cut the wings from black foam or construction paper so that they will flap in the wind and create spooky shadows.

To turn the inside of the home into a ghostly reconnaissance, sling faded off-white sheets and drapes over the living room furniture, giving the home a deserted feel. Also, place an abundance of black candles on many of the surfaces, as their flickering will cast eerie, dancing shadows on the wall. It also works best to leave a few windows cracked, that way an unsettling wind will blow throughout the house, not to mention throwing the curtains around, as if there were a ghost right there in the room with you.

Kitchen Scares

Lastly, the kitchen should serve as a chamber of horrors. Place an old book that you can mangle and rip the edges of, preferably a dictionary, open near the table. This will look like a book of incantations. Then place a cauldron filled with witches' brew next to it. Simply fill this with novelty gunk purchased at a Halloween store, fake eyeballs and fake toenails and make sure your guests don't leave until they've stuck their hands in!

Halloween is one of the greatest times of year for unleashing great home decor ideas. Too bad it's only one day a year!

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