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DIY and U

DIY, or do it yourself, is an abbreviation describing the aesthetic of repairing, modifying or building something with your own resources and without relying on the assistance of professionals. This term covers a wide variety of skill sets, although the most typical is for arts and crafts. To celebrate this aesthetic, here are a few do it yourself suggestions for entertaining that you, your guests and your pocketbook will enjoy.

Dixie Cups?

To add a bit more personality to your gatherings, turn those plastic Dixie cups from red eyesores to something that represents you. Simply customize cups with a shape, image or design to complement your gathering's color palette or theme. Whether you draw them on or glue decorations to them, this is a quick and painless solution to spend less but look better.

Similarly, if you're having an outdoor gathering, you can construct your very own cooler so that you don't have to walk back and forth from the kitchen to your guests to grab drinks. Get a bucket, fill it with ice and beverages of choice, then place two wooden dowels into it and secure them there by screwing in eyehooks to the ends. Not only will you have a cooler that looks more stylistically pleasing than a typical plastic one, guests will know exactly where to grab drinks.

Enchanting Elegance for Entertaining

Continuing with the outdoor theme, remember that your guests will also want a pleasant atmosphere. You'd be surprised at how much more comfortable and relaxed guests will feel if you turn a simple backyard area into an enchanted outdoor space. String up some lights and lanterns to give your backyard a warm, inviting glow that will not only invite your guests in, but also keep them there as they enjoy the nice summer evening. If you have any backyard trees at your home, also string the lights through the trees.

If entertaining guests with a dinner party, crafting an oversized menu will make them feel as if they're at an exclusive, elegant function. Get a large blackboard, or fashion one out of cardboard and black construction paper, and write out your menu in a fancy script, preferably calligraphy if you are talented in that field. This will charm your guests and give the entire gathering an official air, not to mention pleasant vibrations.

Get Creative with Centerpieces

Whether indoor or outdoor, creating a centerpiece out of succulent plants will please your guests throughout the gathering. Go to thrift stores or find whatever containers, jars, cans or vases that you might have stored in your basement, fill them with succulents and adorn your table with a simple, yet elegant centerpiece.

Lastly, if you're providing guests with any desserts, personalize them by crowning them with paper toppers. If your gathering has a theme, keep it consistent and highlight the theme with the toppers. Whether they spell out something or are simply just interesting designs that bring the most out of your gathering, the toppers are a great way to enjoy dessert.

There are a number of other DIY projects you can do to spice up your party, but these are great standbys. If that's all too much trouble for you though, and you don't want to "do it yourself", then you can always have a look at the homepage where we discuss HGTV's yearly home giveaways.

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