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HGTV Green Home Giveaway 2012

Construction of the 2012 HGTV Dream Home 2012 is already well under way. But just recently, HGTV announced that they would begin construction on the annual eco-friendly property for the HGTV Green Home Giveaway 2012 sweepstakes. The location has been confirmed, but remains veiled. So far four photo clues have been provided on the HGTV Green Home 2012 blog, all of which reveal some type of waterside resort.

Surprise Location

According to the blog, Maine is "kind of" close, but not the site. With one picture detailing water skiing, which was invented on a stretch of the Mississippi River, you can imagine that it must be nearby, either to the west or east of the river. But not only is water skiing a favorite hobby of the location, as clue number two shows the Susquehanna River, which divides the York and Lancaster Counties along with beautiful accompanying rock climbing formations. This waterway was integral in establishing the historic Mason-Dixon Line's eastern boundary, so the home is probably either south or north of that famous marker. Pictured next is Georg Friedrich Handel, a German-British baroque composer. While this clue is obscure, you can conclude that the location must be somewhere in New England, Georgia or Pennsylvania based on information regarding the studying of Handel. Not to mention that Handel also has a large fan base in Scranton, Pennsylvania, where his music is often performed.

No further clues have been given, but you can imagine that the HGTV Green Home Giveaway 2012 is keeping us on the edge of our seats for a reason, if even only to make the unveiling of the property location even more exciting. Since it is a green home, the site will exclusively feature environmentally friendly appliances as well as home fixtures, some of which may include solar panels, home automation, an HVAC system, low-e windows or blown insulation. With the construction in the hand of HGTV experts, you can only imagine that the HGTV Green Home Giveaway sweepstakes will blow us away, far exceeding even our greatest expectations.

Green Living is What You'll Find

No floor plan has yet been revealed, but, in addition to being a wholly sustainable home, the house will certainly provide substantial living space and a number of luxurious rooms and features. Past sweepstakes homes have utilized 5-kilowatt solar panels which have provided 75 percent of the home's energy. Another common feature of HGTV's eco-friendly homes is the use of E4 glass windows, whose high performance prevents harmful UV rays from penetrating the pane and in turn provides better insulation, so heating and cooling costs and resources will not be as high. In addition, these windows are 40% wood fiber and maintain twice the stability of vinyl windows, not to mention 700 times more energy efficiency than typical aluminum framed windows.

The HGTV Green Home of 2012 will most likely feature locally manufactured building materials, which will reduce the number of carbon emissions that result from the transportation of materials. Last but not least, there may be a home automation unit. This means that the homeowner can control a variety of electronic functions, from room temperature to lighting, with the simple use of an Apple iPad or iPhone. The keypad can also be used to replace the front entrance door's deadbolt, which means that you can lock and secure the home with just a click.

Although HGTV has chosen to withhold the details of the operation, you can be sure that the Green Home Giveaway will not only make one family incredibly happy, but inspire further generations of the importance of eco-friendly housing.

The hgtv green home has been re-named to hgtv smart home. For more info click here.

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