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HGTV Shows: Get Your Home Improvement Fix

HGTV, or Home and Garden Television, is a cable television network, which broadcasts a number of home and garden improvement programs. All HGTV shows feature an array of professional architecture and design stars. You will become educated on topics such as decorating the various areas of your house and designing your garden and backyard. Watching the programs on this network will leave you feeling inspired to bring your home and garden to perfection. Here we discuss a selection of those shows...

Color Splash

This is one of the most popular HGTV programs currently on air. The host is designer David Bromstad. His strategy is to dramatically enhance the colors and arrangements of contestants homes, including adding original pieces of art created by Bromstad himself during the filming of the show. The show got its start in 2007 after Bromstad won the first season of HGTV's Design Star.

Design Star

This is a reality series where contestants compete for their own design show to be aired on HGTV. Like many reality television series, each week the judges eliminate one contestant. This season's judges are Vern Yip, Genevieve Gorder and Candice Olson. Every week, contestants must flex their design muscles during interior decorating challenges, such as creating a living space in an empty room. They often use unconventional items from places like pet stores, mechanic shops or thrift stores. Contestants are allotted a certain amount of time and money to complete the challenge.

House Hunters

This is a reality series that follows couples, individuals or families who are searching for a new home with the help of a professional realtor. Each episode features three prospective properties, one of which will ultimately be chosen by the buyer by the end of the broadcast. Afterwards, a tour is given and viewers are able to see the entirety of the property. "House Hunters" also has two spin-off programs, "House Hunters International" and "House Hunters on Vacation." "House Hunters International" follows the same format, except in international locations. "House Hunters on Vacation" takes prospective buyers to stay in a vacation home for one week, compliments of HGTV.

Interior Design

This is another popular home improvement program hosted by home contractor and renovation specialist Scott McGillivray. It focuses on first-time homeowners who want to put an income suite in their home to help pay for their mortgages and increase the value of their homes. McGillivray designs options and prepares floor plans for the home's transformation. After the conversion, a real estate appraiser gives an assessment of the value of the home, which is often much greatly increased. The pleased homeowners are now ready to rent.

Property Virgins

This show portrays the experiences of first-time buyers. Like other HGTV shows, "Property Virgins" follows prospective buyers who are accompanied by host Sandra Rinomato, a Toronto-based real estate professional, to find the perfect home. Not only does Rinomato lead them through prospective homes, but she also educates first time buyers on things like bidding wars, down payments, homeowners' association fees, closing costs, home inspections and renovations.

These are only some of the many entertaining, yet educational programs that the HGTV network has to offer.

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