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Ideas for a Quick and Painless Home Makeover

Beginning a home makeover project can be an extremely stressful time, but it does not have to be. In fact, a makeover should bring you closer to your home and any areas of the house which will be undergoing the transformation. It will give you a chance to express yourself as well as freshen and tidy up your property, so why make it stressful on yourself?

Make Your Home Office Dream Come True

While many areas of the house are important candidates for a home makeover, a home office is a key example. A personal office should be clean, tidy and possess an air of comfort and relaxation so that you can get work done without being distracted too easily. For a place that should inspire creativity, you must be sure that the room reflects that exact notion.

Before beginning the makeover, you should first get rid of the un-essentials, like mismatched desks, a bland color palette and whatever else may be cluttering the office so that you have extra storage space. To obtain the most from your home office, you should create vertical storage spaces. By doing this, as well as placing floor-to-ceiling curtains over the windows, you will create an illusion of height, which means a more spacious and free work area. You can also replace old shelving units with more artistic, stylized storage centers, giving your office a fresher personality that will have a great impact on your productivity. Lighting is also essential. You should include soft, warm lights that are dimmer than a glaring room light, yet not so soft as to lull you to sleep. This will also peak your concentration. Painting the room a calming blue shade can't hurt. The color depends on personal preference of course, but the color blue is psychologically evaluated as a peaceful color, as it actually produces chemicals in the body which cause and prolong calmness. Not all shades of blue carry this characteristic, but a light blue will do the trick.

Keep it Simple

Overstuffed shelving units will seriously hamper your ability to concentrate and perform efficiently. First, clean out all the clutter and get rid of anything that does not need to be there. There are other areas of the house where you can store them; the least likely candidate for a storage room is your home office! Replacing old cabinets with a new chest of drawers is the easiest way to store a bunch of things in a relatively small area. It is sleek, affordable and, most importantly, space expanding furniture. In addition, purchasing new accessories will also aid in your peace of mind, which will result in much more prolonged creativity and attention to whatever project on which you may be working.

There are a number of other steps that you may have to take to ensure the most out of your home office area, but these are absolutely essential. No matter how much time you spend in your home office, whether it is your career or only for a hobby, following these quick makeover suggestions will allow you to flourish in whatever endeavor you have ahead of you.

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